Campus Improvement Team

The Rummel Creek Elementary Campus Improvement Team (CIT) is composed equally of school and non-school personnel. School CIT members are elected by a vote of their peers in February. Non-school CIT members are selected by lottery, in conjunction with the school CIT member elections.  The non-school portion of the CIT is made up of parents, a business representative, and a community representative. According to district policy, the Campus Improvement Team's role is to advise the Principal on decisions in the areas of goal setting, curriculum, budgeting, staffing patterns, and school organization.

The CIT for 2021-2022:

Name # of years Position Email Address

Laura Sloan


Hayley Davis

  Assistant Principal

Molly Dwyer

  Assistant Principal

Kristin Murphy

2 of 2 District Rep

Karen Harrell

2 of 2 Cert. Non-Teacher

Lynn Thomas

2 of 2 Community Rep

Chris Holmes

1 of 2 Community Rep

Marli Couch

1 of 2 Business Rep

Cara Cullen

2 of 2 Parent

Lindsay Alleman

1 of 2 Parent

Tia Gibson

1 of 2 Parent

Nicole Hobson

1 of 2 Parent

Lindsay Gandolfo

2 of 2 Teacher

Barbie Koy

2 of 2 Teacher

Rene Hamilton

2 of 2 Teacher

Melissa Herring

1 of 2 Teacher

Julie Raley

1 of 2 Teacher


CIT Meeting Minutes