Activities and Expectations

EVENTS in the RCE Library Learning Commons

Some of the events that happen in the RCE Library Learning Commons in addition to regular LLC lessons include: 

Primary Reading Program (Grades PreK - 2) - check by the library for a reading log.  The program runs from Tuesday after Labor Day through Halloween.  Celebrations in December.

PGP - Primary Gifted Program (Grades K-2)

Ramblin' Recess Groups (Grades 3- 5)  Sign up will come through e-mail blasts or students can sign up through homeroom teachers.

Student Council (Fourth and Fifth Grade Students)  Students selected by classrooms.

KRCE Studio (Fifth Grade Students)  Application turned in to library.  Proposed schedule of students.


Library Guidelines and Expectations:


    *Students must respect library books by not writing or drawing in them.  Books should stay away from food and water bottles.

    *Students may check out as many books as necessary.  Students are responsible for books checked out on their name.

    *Over dues and fines are not charged, however students should return books in a reasonable amount of time - approximately 2 weeks.  Students must pay for lost books.

    *Students may visit the library daily to get additional materials.  Parents are invited to check out books as well.


     *Students must respect technology by following school and district guidelines.

    *Technology must be returned to the designated spot, logged off and plugged in for charging.

    *Digital Citizenship lessons will be shared during the school year and students are expected to follow digital citizenship guidelines.

Library Space:

    *Using the Library space for activities may be scheduled.  Students and parents using the space need to follow the Library Guidelines in reference to appropriate behavior and access to food.

    *At the conclusion of the activity, the library space needs to be returned to it's "normal" set up ready for classes.

Contact the library to utilize the library spaces for after school or before school meetings.