Welcome to the RCE Nurse/Health Center Page!

The goal of Health Services is to assist all students to maintain their health and support their academic and social success in school.

RCE has two Registered Nurses, Mary Patton and Diane Roberts who job share. Nurse Patton and Roberts coordinate the following:

1. Assess and evaluate the health needs of students, communicating with parents regarding health issues

2. Manage medical conditions such as asthma, ADD/ADHD, diabetes, food allergies, mental health, seizures, etc.

3. Maintain vaccine/immunization compliance

4. Perform state required screenings

5. Provide first aid and emergency treatment

6. Administer prescription and over the counter medications required for students to complete the school day approved by physicians and parents

7. Collaborate with teachers, school counselors, parents, coaches, administration, and health care providers to maintain students' health and promote academic success.

8. The School Nurse also acts as a public health advocate by participating in the development of safety plans, working to prevent the spread of contagious disease, as well as, providing health education to students, staff and community members.

Additional Information

The clinic is available to all RCE students. All medication must be registered with the school nurse. Students may not carry any medication. The school nurse or trained office personnel will distribute all medications.Please communicate your child's health concerns to the school nurse, including medications they may be taking at home.


Diane Cody Roberts, MPH, BSN, RN
Mary Patton,MS, BS, RN
Health Center Office
(713) 251-6725
RCE School Fax
(713)251- 6715

Clinic Services

The clinic provides the following services for all students:

  • Crisis and emergency intervention
  • Registration and distribution of all medications
  • Survey and enforcement of state mandated immunizations
  • Wellness education to ensure life-long personal health care
  • Pertinent health and safety information
  • Screening for vision and hearing

Medical forms are required for the distribution of medication, you may pick up the forms you need from the school nurse.

  • Physician's Statement for Administration of Prescription Medication
  • Parent's Statement for Administration of Non-Prescription Medication