Bus Schedules


We highly encourage students to ride the bus. It is an easy and safe way to be transported. Bus riders must remain in their seat facing the front of the bus, talk with a quiet voice, remain seated until the bus has reached a complete stop, keep hands in the bus, and show respect for the bus driver and fellow students.

Students can ride a bus as a 'guest rider' only on special occasions. In order to be a guest on a bus the student must bring a note, signed by parents, to tell who the child is riding with and where the child is going. The note should include the following:

·         Name of your child

·         Name of student your child is going home with

·         Address and phone number of home your student is going to

·         Your phone number in case of questions

If you have any questions about routes and times, please contact the Spring Branch Transportation Department at 713-251-1074 or check the SBISD website.

Any changes that need to be made the day of, need to be emailed to the office instead of the classroom teacher.  Teachers do not always access emails during the school day.  Please email Christine Godin, Leslie Latiolais, & Jennifer Steane.  There will be no changes in transportation after 1:00 in the afternoon.